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IT industry trends for 2023 great opportunities for digitalization efforts

Paessler believes that monitoring plays an important role in reducing human resource consumption. The data obtained helps its customers save resources, ranging from optimizing their IT, OT, and IoT infrastructure to reducing energy consumption or emissions - for our future and environment. 

That is why Paessler offers monitoring solutions to business in all industries and all sizes, from SMEs to large companies. Paessler works with a prominent partner, and together they overcome the challenges of the world's monitoring that continues to change. This time, Paessler shared some of the IT landscape trends for 2023, including:

Digitalization is increasingly creating new responsibilities for IT

All analog systems that were once isolated from the IT world, both related to the PRIVATE, Hospitals, Resources, and Data Centers, now produce compatible data with a digital system. This expands the limits that can be analyzed and interpreted with data.

In various industries, the convergence of IT (Information Technology) and OT (Operational Technology) systems produces several challenges that need to be overcome. However, of course it should be noted that there are important things such as monitoring the ecosystem. The biggest challenge is to carry several matrices and several different monitoring systems to one place. There will be an increase in focus on IT monitoring devices that allow companies to track changes that occur in the ecosystem and provide a consolidated display of the data that has been collected, simplifying data analysis and decision making process. By expanding the limits of IT/OT convergence, solutions are needed that can monitor this device and infrastructure.

Monitoring solutions will continue to take an important contribution to the data center sector

With the incresing number of multinational companies that move their data centers to Southeast Asia, this region can be said to be a hotspot for data center investment. In the middle of this year, the Singapore government has raised the moratorium on the construction of the data center. With the planning of one Indonesian data (SDI) 2022-2024, the Indonesian government is also focusing on the expansion of the implementation of data structures such as data centers. While the data center market in Thailand is expected to reach 1.03 trillion US dollars in 2027.

Data Center - With its infrastructure scattered in various geographical locations - presenting challenges to monitor it. The data center is an important infrastructure for companies in various industries. Therefore, the failure of monitoring this ecosystem will make the business cannot be operated. It is very important to maintain technical equipment, operational facilities, and security to ensure the efficiency of business operations that will minimize the data center downtime. With the use of data centers that are increasingly important in various industries in Southeast Asia, the monitoring solution will also be as important.

Long distance monitoring through the cloud will increase - but it needs to be differentiation

At present, the use of clouds by companies continues to increase, with 76% of companies in the Asia Pacific continue to plan to improve their cloud services within the next 12 months. The important aspect of cloud migration is to strengthen the cloud-first strategy by ensuring that various applications and IT processes can be combined into the environment of a cloud computing. Not only large companies, pharmacies have also used the best pharmacy application that can be monitored remotely by the owner or manager of the pharmacy thanks to the cloud computing technology (cloud).

More than that, cloud -based monitoring services are increasing. This service can be applied to monitor cloud -based components such as websites, cloud services and cloud -based applications. In the on-premise monitoring aspect, the monitoring solution from the cloud might be able to face some problems because they depend on super fast and reliable internet connections in order to avoid monitoring results due to delays in data transmission. This is important to note, and the company also requires a compatibility of a combination of local monitoring tools and cloud -based.

New focus to increase security in the IoT (Internet of Things) environment

Many businesses from various industries worldwide began to strengthen their cyber security initiatives and strategies due to increased number of data leaks, ransomware attacks and other cyber attacks. This proves that security on the Internet of Things (IoT) is one of the gaps that needs attention.

Increased adoption and capability of IoT technology has skyrocketed in recent years. IoT expenditure in the Asia Pacific is predicted to reach 437 trillion US dollars (equivalent to more than Rp 6.835 trillion) in 2025. All tools connected to the internet are vulnerable to cyber attacks. Apart from the existence of a security innate in IoT technology that is very minimal, and the difficulty of Patch Management due to its physical nature, the linkages of this device, and environmental complexity causing security threats to the whole network.

Monitoring is an important part of every security strategy, ensuring that all classic security tools such as firewalls, detection systems and PAM (privileged access management) can work perfectly. However, monitoring has other more important tasks, especially in the world of IoT. The right monitoring solution can ensure physical safety by integrating the door lock system, security cameras, smoke detectors and temperature sensors into centralized monitoring. Many companies will consider this aspect in the future.

Distributed architecture will be a new normality

With the concept of working hybrid, working from home or from anywhere is common, thus encouraging companies to switch from centralized data infrastructure to data storage in the cloud. Thus, the company diverts the network using software as a service (saas) and software-defined WAN (SDWAN). With the use of increasing distributed architecture, it is important to have an appropriate monitoring strategy that can work effectively. That way, there will be high demand for solutions that provide integrated monitoring systems for IT infrastructure that provide benefits such as adequate networks, troubleshooting, simplifying transitions to clouds and reducing bandwidth needs.

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